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Zoes Kawakawa

Zoe's Kawakawa Balm

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Zoe's original Kawakawa Balm was brought to life in 2012 with the help of Lynn Kirkland at The Herb Farm. The recipe is over one decade old, with infused Kawakawa and Mānuka to boost skin hydration and health. This 60 grams of goodness is safe for all ages and has many uses including:

Relief for eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
Insect bites and repelling insects 
Soothing sunburn
Lip balm
Gardener's Hand Cream
Nappy Balm and Barrier Cream
Hydrating overnight facial moisturiser
Babies cradle cap
Mum's nipples (natural for baby and mum)
Cuts and bruises 
Eyebrow treatment


Kawakawa and mānuka infused olive and sunflower oil
Bees wax
Shea butter


No parabens, no synthetic beeswax, dyes, or perfumes and no animal derivatives. 


Gently massage into skin to alleviate irritations; eczema, insect bites, sores, nappy rash, dry lips, and any type of skin inflammation. Also apply to healthy skin to lock in moisture and create a natural barrier. Great for sensitive skin including babies.


“Zoes Kawakawa Balm provides almost instant relief and healing from my eczema on my arms without the yucky chemical feel and smell I’ve had from other products. highly recommend.” - Peter

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