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Zoes Kawakawa

Zoe's Kawakawa Ylang Ylang Hand Balm

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This magical combination of ylang ylang, geranium, orange, cinnamon, vanilla, and lavender pure essential oils rehydrates dry skin, fights inflammation, and is naturally healing and hydrating. This product doubles as a solid perfume with its refreshing synergy of essential oils.


Kawakawa and mānuka infused olive and sunflower oil
Bees wax
Shea butter
Ylang ylang pure essential oil
Orange pure essential oil
Cinnamon essential oil
Vanilla oil
Rose-geranium essential oil
Lavender pure essential oil


No parabens, no synthetic beeswax, dyes, or perfumes and no animal derivatives. 


Massage Ylang Ylang Balm into your hands to rehydrate and moisturise. Reapply when needed. This balm can be used as a multi purpose moisturising product, as well as a solid perfume - breathe in its goodness.


"Not only do I love massaging this hand balm into my hands and arms but I love breathing in this magical fragrance. Knowing that I am avoiding dangerous chemicals and rubbing a natural healing product into my hands always feels great. My hands have never looked better." - Sam