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Zoes Kawakawa

Zoe's Kawakawa Jasmine Skin Glow Balm

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As well as promoting healthy skin, Jasmine balm contains hydrating properties which will leave your skin shining bright and smelling delicious. Apply anywhere on your body to boost moisture retention and restore a healthy balance to your skin. Powered with jasmine, orange, lime, and vanilla essential oils, Jasmine balm will lift your mood, moisturise and protect. 


Kawakawa and mānuka infused olive and sunflower oil
Bees wax
Shea butter
Jasmine essential oil
Orange essential oil
Lime essential oil
Vanilla oil


No parabens, no synthetic beeswax, dyes, or perfumes and no animal derivatives. 


Massage a small amount of balm onto your hands. Use as a natural solid perfume on your neck, arms, chest or other pressure points. Enjoy the rejuvenating properties of this unique essential oil blend to support your skin.


“Smells like a fresh flower in a jar! As soon as I broke the surface of the balm it softly hit me - the most beautiful smelling solid perfume I've ever used.” - Alice