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Zoes Kawakawa

Zoe's Kawakawa Lavender Sleep Balm

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Sleeeep. It's seriously important. This trio of lavender, bergamot and kawakawa  is a force to relax, help sleepiness before bed, or just a really good nap. Lavender is an anxiolytic (an anxiety reliever) which helps produce melatonin and decrease stress.


Kawakawa and mānuka infused olive and sunflower oil
Bees wax
Shea butter
Lavender pure essential oil
Bergamot pure essential oil


No parabens, no synthetic beeswax, dyes, or perfumes and no animal derivatives. 


Simply rub a little Zoe's Sleep Balm on your temples, lips, chest, under your nose, or on other pulse points as you unwind at the end of the day. The active components in our sleep balm can relieve anxiety and interact with the brain and nervous system to help reduce agitation and restlessness. Zoe's sleep balm can also be used as an all purpose skin moisturiser to soothe irritated skin and aid optimal skin hydration and health.


"This has become part of my nightly routine - I rub Zoe's Sleep Balm into my temples, neck and hands while I read before drifting into a relaxing deep sleep. I breathe in the the beautiful aroma and I find it calming and sleep inducing." -Jill